New Local Police station in Sant Antoni. | Marcelo Sastre - Archivo


The Local Police of Sant Antoni has arrested a British tourist after punching a cab driver in the face. As this cab driver explains, she was attending a trip when this tourist approached the vehicle and got into the driver's seat, trying, as the cab driver explains, to steal the vehicle. "He didn't manage to move it because the vehicle is a hybrid; when I ran up to him when I saw what he was doing and called his attention, he punched me in the eye," explains this 52-year-old professional, who quickly went to the reception of the hotel where she was attending the trip to ask the receptionist for help. She was met with the unpleasant surprise that the person at the front desk told her that there was no reason for her to call 911.

Finally, this cab driver managed to call 112 and "two patrols of the Sant Antoni Local Police quickly arrived". As she explains, the Guardia Civil also responded quickly to her call for help and went to the medical clinic where she was treated after the blow. The cab driver has denounced the facts and this Wednesday morning the speedy trial will be held.