Tony Truman at O Beach Ibiza. | Arguiñe Escandón


Tony Truman is with Duane Lineker one of the two partners of O Beach Ibiza in the middle of the bay of Sant Antoni. «Lover of partying» and «living life to the fullest» he came to the island with his parents on vacation at the age of 15 and, today, has created one of the most emblematic places of the village of Portmany, especially for the British public. This weekend marks its first decade of life with a special party of which he prefers not to advance too much, while remembering that O Beach Ibiza is related to charitable, social and sporting purposes.   

* Who is Tony Truman? How would you define yourself?

-I'm a party lover who works very hard. Believe it or not! Someone who lives life to the fullest because it's all about the good times. Life is very short and we only have one life.

* How would you define yourself?

To tell you the truth, I've never thought about whether I'm this way or that way. I just live in the moment. I don't define myself in any way, just as a happy person. I live each day as it comes, the people I surround myself with are what define me. Most of them lovely and like-minded. I just define myself as a happy person for being alive and enjoying life.   

* How did Tony Truman come to Ibiza, what was his first contact with the island?

-It's a long story. I came with my parents on vacation when I was 15 years old. I met some older guys who took me to party at Ku, which is now Privilege. And it was thanks to that magical night that I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I wanted to work in Ibiza to get involved in the clubbing world.

* And it hasn't gone badly at all?

-Not really. 39 years later I have my own day club but there have been many obstacles and difficulties. From working in bars and restaurants, picking up glasses, to doing parties around the world. Many people when they ask me this question, they think it is an immediate answer but it has been a very long road full of ups and downs, but from which I have learned a lot.

* Who has marked you on this road?

-When I was younger, I had different mentors. I met Tony Pike when I was very young and I admired him a lot for how he was running Pikes at the time. At that time they were shooting the Club Tropicana music video and we became friends. Later I met Jason Bull who owned the Es Vivé hotel and Base Bar. He was one of the first British experts on the island. We are still very good friends today.

* Do you consider him a pioneer, an example to follow?

-Jason is a great inspiration to me, but in business I met Vicente Juan who has always helped me. I wouldn't be where I am, nor the rest of my partners, if it weren't for him, his advice, his contacts. He is like a father to me. His family says I'm like a son to them and I couldn't be prouder to say that.   

*How would you define Ibiza?

As a place that is always forward-looking and evolving with everything that is going on around it. Not only with the fashion world in the 60's, 70's and 80's but musically everyone knows this scene. It is incredible how the Balearic house has evolved to the most urban and techno.

* Is it the party capital of the world?

-Music has been one of the most iconic things in Ibiza in all these years, that's why it's the party capital of the world. However I think the island is made for people from 18 to 80 years old. My mother was in the dj booth the other day she is 81 years old. So whether you are a garbage man or a multi-millionaire, in Ibiza you can have the most amazing moments because it is a magnetic and magical island that offers something for everyone, for me it is the best place on the planet.

* Duane Lineker is your partner in O Beach, how did you meet him?

-Since he was a little boy because I have a very good relationship with his father. Wayne and I were in business together and Duane would come with us to learn. He was very young but he was already working in Marbella and developing his business skills at Lineker's, his father's bar. We later opened Lineker's in Sant Antoni 15 years ago and he was the manager there for a couple of years and since then we have been very close because he is the brains and I am the dance floor, we are a winning combination!

*How was the idea of O Beach Ibiza born?

-When I was partying in Marbella more than 15 years ago and I developed it for three or four years. We founded a beach club with a pool and I thought «I would love to bring this to Ibiza». So my mother and I drove by an abandoned parking lot, and when I climbed over the wall to see what was there I knew clearly where everything was going to go. I brought my parents to see it, they loved the idea and asked me what I wanted to do with the place. Duane and I worked with an architect coming up with various plans and designs to what O Beach is today. It took us a long time to do it as it was a very hard road because we only took half of the space. And we realized we needed the whole thing. And now we have O Beach 2022.

* What are its most characteristic features?

-It's its appeal to anyone of any age and status. We don't have super djs because that's not our purpose. We want everyone to have a good time regardless of the day of the week and that's why we have a very family atmosphere among our employees like you don't find in other clubs. Here you can sit down with the owners for a drink, have a chat.... From the person at the door to the security staff. We create a very familiar vibe. In all my businesses we have a very personal touch.   

* Running a business like this can be a very intense experience. What is the most satisfying thing about your job?

-It's seeing people having the best day of their lives. We call it millionaire weekends because everyone is having the time of their lives. Because of this, everyone comes back. In many places on the island, people go once and that's it. Here our customers always want to come back when they come on vacation because they know they will have a different experience.

* Does it help that the music is always changing?

-Of course, but always true to our roots, Funky House and with girls dancing around the dj booth. We're here to celebrate music, not educate people about music. It all comes down to fun, fun, fun.

* What's new at O Beach Ibiza this year?

-This year we have focused on new decoration and remodeled the venue. During the coronavirus we did all the shows with the material we had, but now we have changed even the costumes of the dancers.

* O Beach Ibiza celebrates its tenth anniversary, have you prepared something special?

-You have to come and see it! I had the idea to bring all the djs and shows of these years and we do have some who played the first day we opened along with others who have accompanied us over the years. The idea is to remember where we come from and what we do because it is difficult to establish yourself in this industry, so it is very nice to remember and recognize the merit of all those who have accompanied us since the first day.

* The O Beach Ibiza brand is identified with leisure and is also involved in sports and social sponsorships. How was this interest born?

-I think it's very important that businesses like ours get involved with the people here. People think we are the owners who make the money, but it's also the cab drivers who bring customers to the shop or the suppliers, trying to hire everything locally, with people from the island. It is also important to support charities and that is why we decided to support food banks and sponsor cycling or soccer teams after the coronavirus. We even have our own projects that benefit Sant Antoni.

* What are your expectations?

-We always have in mind a worldwide expansion. The pandemic made us stop this and now we are regrouping all the companies we have and creating new businesses because we never stop growing, and we want to open more businesses in Sant Antoni. In November we are going to start building a new brand of hotels that we believe will see the light of day in 2024.