Marco Verratti and his wife.


Three days after the coup, first arrests for the millionaire robbery of the villa where the Italian international footballer Marco Verratti is staying in Ibiza.

The first suspects fell in Denia, point of the Marina where they had moved on a ferry and where they were identified and arrested by agents of the National Police, as confirmed by sources close to the case. The National Police would have practiced at least one more arrest in another point of the Peninsula. The vehicle was equipped with boxes in which part of the loot was stored. The National Police made four other arrests in Malaga, three men and one woman.

As confirmed to Periódico de Ibiza y Formentera by sources close to the case, the chain arrests were triggered in the framework of the investigations carried out by agents of the central unit of the UDEV in Madrid, a group that was already following the steps of the gang that was being investigated for other similar robberies and which is composed of Spanish and Eastern European criminals.
Part of the loot recovered

During the police operation they have recovered jewelry and valuables that were stolen from the villa where the Paris Saint Germain star and his family are on vacation, in the municipality of Sant Josep.

As this media advanced, the criminals entered the house and fled after taking a loot valued at 3 million euros: about 10,000 euros in cash and the rest in jewelry, including a valuable diamond, and several high-end watches.

The National Police and the Guardia Civil are still investigating the case.