A customer in a bar in Platja d'en Bossa has been the protagonist of a racist episode by insulting and threatening one of the waiters. The incident occurred this morning when a man started shouting racist insults at a black waiter in the bar.

Witnesses told Periódico de Ibiza y Formentera that the aggressor was a customer of the restaurant who, this morning, started shouting and then went off on his motorbike with the intention of leaving the place. However, the man decided to return to the bar to berate the waiter even more in front of everyone.

He shouted «Throw him out! Throw him out!», the aggressor shouted at another bar worker who had tried to protect his colleague. His threats escalate to the point of saying that if he does not fire the waiter, he will see to it that he himself takes a sick leave.

Throughout the video published by Periódico de Ibiza y Formentera, the man goes so far as to say that he is going to «blow up» the waiter while making hand gestures. To top it all off, the aggressor says: «Ask who I am, you fucking nigger. He doesn't know where he's going».