The artist Diplo, a world-class DJ, held a party this Monday at the es Vedrà viewpoint despite it being a protected space. The American promoted his initiative on social networks, bringing together hundreds of people in the well-known postcard to dance until the sunset.

The Sant Josep City Council has issued a statement expressing its «strong condemnation» of what happened. Likewise, the City Council remembers that the space is a Protected Area by the European Union through the Xarxa Natura 2000, in addition to a Natural Area of ​​Special Interest, among other environmental protection figures.

«This type of illegal activities raise the risk of fires, noise problems, waste and pose a risk to the safety of attendees,» explains the City Council. In turn, if you intend to hold any type of event of these characteristics, Sant Josep specifies the need to previously request the enabling title from the Consistory, in addition to other permits and competent administrations.

The Local Police of Sant Josep has taken charge of the investigation of the events and all possible crimes that may have been committed in order to act accordingly with the organizers and attendees.

The reaction of Amics de la Terra

The environmental organization Amics de la Terra Eivissa has echoed the news, denouncing the organization of the illegal party on social networks. «It's intolerable,» they say in an Instagram post.

Likewise, Amics de la Terra charges against the City Council, the Government and the Police for allowing the event to occur. Furthermore, the organization is reluctant to use the mixing console in the middle of the party, which means there would be an electric generator in the area, thus increasing the danger of fires.