Alessio Di Chirico.

Alessio Di Chirico, the young italian arrested days ago for assaulting a taxi driver in Formentera, has used his Instagram profile to give his version of the events and apologize for what happened.
«Now that I am at home and my family is no longer in danger it is necessary for me to shed light on what happened», the publication begins.

Then Alessio began to explain the situation after leaving «of the restaurant where we had dinner and called the taxi, the driver insisted that I put in front leaving the children in the back seat without car seats with my wife who already had in her arms one of our two children who was asleep and had to hold him».

«During the trip my son hit his head several times on the seat in front of him, in the absence of a suitable seat for children and without the presence of an adult to hold him», he explains.

After this, he reflects that he «had not realized the risk we were running when we decided to continue but during the trip I felt scared and worried and instantly I asked the driver to let me go back with him».

After my order, the driver braked sharply in the middle of the field threatening to leave us there. In the dark, with children who would definitely be scared and at risk of being attacked», he says.
He continues, detailing that «to his refusal to want to return to the restaurant to call another taxi I begged him to return again and immediately after my son hit his head again in the seat».

The situation began to get more tense as 'our other complaints regarding the situation, the car stopped again in the countryside. Once we arrived at the hotel, after another blow on my son’s head, he smiled».

«I paid», he confesses. «We had a verbal discussion and we insulted ourselves, we got off, he came towards me to attack me putting a hand in my face and I reacted», it is justified.

«I only hit him once, there are videos that testify», he continues. «I have been wrong and I am willing to pay the consequences of my mistake, I feel ashamed for what happened», he explains frankly.

Finally he explains that he stopped «doing sports a year ago just to be closer to my family and instead today death threats come for this very reason to my wife and my children».

He points out that he assumes «all responsibility as clearly as possible» since he dedicated his entire career «to defend and spread the values of loyalty, sportsmanship, respect and I am fully aware that violence cannot be a solution, under any circumstances».

Finally, he says that he accepts the criticisms and apologises with all the strength I have to all the people I have disappointed. First of all, I apologize to the person I hit. I ask you to leave my family out of this situation. Thank you».