The Judicial Police of the Civil Guard investigates the identity of a body that was found on Tuesday afternoon floating in waters of es Cavallet, in Sant Josep. According to research sources, the body was in an advanced state of decomposition and was recovered by the troops of the Special Group of Underwater Activities (GEAS) of the Guardia Civil, who moved to the area after being alerted by the leaders of one of the beach bars.

The same sources detailed that the body was tied to a plastic carafe and that the remains were badly decomposed, sign that he had been at sea for several days. The corpse could have been washed ashore by the strong storm recorded over the weekend.

The alarm was sounded at 1545 hours by a bather who alerted those responsible for a beach chiringuto to the presence of a corpse floating in the water.

After being alerted, several units of the Sant Josep Local Police and the Civil Guard were mobilized up to the stage, as well as the GEAS boat, which proceeded to the recovery of the remains that are pending identification.