Ricardo Urgell and Kabir Mulchandani, during Pacha's Great Solidarity Party. | Carlos Martorell

The businessman and owner of Pacha Kabir Mulchandani, coincided with Ricardo Urgell, founder of Pacha and former owner of Pacha Ibiza, at the Great Solidarity Party of Pacha, held on December 17, 2023. The event was held to benefit Fundación Conciencia and Plataforma Sociosanitaria.

"I shared with Ricardo what a hero he is to me and that he started his journey with Pacha the year I was born! He told me that I reminded him of his younger self. Now I realize more than ever the legacy I am a caretaker of and I am even more committed to carrying it forward," shared Mulchandani on his Instagram.

The current owner of Pacha is very clear about what he thinks of the founder of the company he manages: "what he created is iconic, and I'm excited to take up the baton."