Bar Ayoa.

Frank emigrated from Germany more than three decades ago to Spain accompanied by Norma, his partner. Since then his life has taken a 180-degree turn, as they went from living on the beach in Ibiza to starting their own business: a bar in Boñar (León, Spain).

The couple met on the island and decided to leave it after the pandemic when they discovered this town in Alto Porma during a trip to León, leaving behind the stress that Ibiza could transmit to them. «We were brought by chance to Boñar, and as a result of knowing the town and its services we decided to buy a house here to come and live when we retired,» says the couple.

«We anticipated our retirement to Alto Porma to leave the burden of the island. This year we had to renew the contract of the premises and we decided to leave our house to move here, where there is more tranquility, and undertake in Boñar, because we want to give life to the people,» they explain, according to the Diario de Valderrueda.

The couple explains that it is a different bar that they will move to the Comercial Ayoa Hardware Bar, closed since the Covid-19, and where they will offer a service aimed at those customers who go shopping, workers or just go for a walk. Its opening hours, according to the hardware store in Boñarense, will be from 08 hours to 19 hours and will open this February 26th.

When the bar is already established, Frank and Norma will study the possibility of developing the establishment to be able to offer food and menus, as well as hiring more staff, as stated in the aforementioned media.