Gary Goldsmith. | Reuters

As Princess Kate Middleton continues to stay off the public radar after undergoing abdominal surgery, her uncle, Gary Goldsmith, has provided an update on her condition and revealed the date of her next appearance.

In an interview with GB News, Goldsmith, brother of Carole Middleton, who has a home in Ibiza and spends long periods there, confirmed that Kate is dealing with an unspecified illness, but assured that she is on the road to recovery and is being cared for by professionals, according to Antena 3. He also reassured fans that the princess will return to public life on the announced date.

«We know that we will see her at Easter, as Kensington had said. There have been no changes since then. They have been very transparent,» Goldsmith said.

Kate's uncle, known for his participation in the reality show Celebrity Big Brother, has praised the Prince and Princess of Wales as «the saviors of the royal family» and revealed that he visited his sister Carole while Kate was in the hospital in January following surgery.

However, Gary Goldsmith is no stranger to controversy. He has been embroiled in multiple controversies, including a conviction for assaulting his wife in 2017. In addition, it was recently announced that he plans to publish a book to «give voice» to his family and counter criticism of Harry and Meghan, whom he has insulted on several occasions.

Despite her troubled history, Goldsmith has offered insight into Kate Middleton's situation during her recovery, although her role as spokesperson for the royal family continues to be debated.