Those accused of the robbery at the house of Guetta's ex-wife in Ibiza only acknowledged, last June, the assault on their offices.

The Audiencia Provincial has delivered its verdict on the robbery case at the former wife of David Guetta's house in ibiza, acquitting the two main accused individuals. However, both individuals face sentences totaling three and a half years in prison for the robbery at the woman's offices, as reported by Última Hora on Tuesday.

The court determined that Catherine Lobé's former trusted employee, Rosario B., 55 years old and of Belgian origin, received a two-year prison sentence, while the other accused was sentenced to one and a half years for the theft of €53,230 from the woman's offices.

The burglary at the residence, located on Avenida Cap Martinet, occurred between July 28 and 29, 2019. The verdict reveals that one of the accused, in collusion with an unidentified person, entered the French DJ's ex-wife's rented house and left a graffiti on the bathroom mirror with the message «Pay, whore.» However, it could not be proven that they took any items or jewelry.

Regarding the robbery at the woman's offices, the accused individuals went to the premises on August 15, 2019, and stole money and documents. Additionally, they set fire to a vehicle to ensure their escape.

Despite the conviction for this latter offense, the court dismissed the claims of Guetta's ex-wife, Cathy Guetta, regarding the loss of items valued at almost half a million euros, stating that she did not provide sufficient evidence of their existence or theft.

«It is hard to believe that a person would go on a trip for a week and take with them eleven watches and over 40 pieces of jewelry, purchased for over half a million euros, as she claimed. It is also hard to believe that she had all of this throughout the summer in an apartment where she couldn't even keep it in a safe because she didn't have the key,» describes the court.

The court adds that Cathy Guetta «has not provided any evidence that everything she reported was stolen. For example, the invoice for transporting the suitcases from London to Ibiza and the return invoice with fewer items in consideration of everything reported as stolen would have been useful.»

The Prosecution had requested ten-year prison sentences for each of the accused, as well as compensation of over half a million euros for Catherine Lobé. However, the final verdict resulted in less severe sentences and the acquittal of the main charges related to the robbery at David Guetta's ex-wife's residence.