Bordum, the 'new Ibiza'. | Llirik Bezkutny

Attention travelers. The time has come to discover the destination that is challenging Ibiza itself. Although the iconic Spanish island has long been a haven for British tourists, this year a surprising contender has emerged and is making waves in the UK press. It is Bodrum, the new jewel of the Turkish Riviera, dubbed by experts as 'the new Ibiza'. And the fact is that this Turkish city has dream beaches bathed by the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, a vibrant nightlife and exquisite cuisine and all at a much more affordable price than Ibiza, hence the British media are recommending it.

Thus, you can find hotel nights for 70 euros in Bodrum, a figure far removed from the astronomical prices that can be paid in the largest of the Pitiusas. Bodrum is presented to the British tourist market as an irresistible option for those seeking quality without ruining their budget.

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But that's not all, the difference in food prices is equally striking. From a delicious dinner in a local restaurant for only 14 euros to a refreshing pint of beer for 2.60 euros, Bodrum offers a feast for the senses without leaving the wallet empty.

At this point it should be remembered that British tourism is the main foreign market for Ibiza. Thus, last year alone Ibiza received almost 899,000 British tourists, an increase of 9.33% compared to those arriving in 2022, with 76,000 more Britons.