Zara McDermott filming the documentary last summer in Ibiza.

Ibiza: Secrets of the party island'. This is the title of the new BBC documentary in which its presenter, Zara McDermott, seeks to uncover the darker side of the island.

This project, filmed during the summer of 2023, will be released shortly before the massive arrival of British tourists. Specifically, it will premiere this Sunday at 9pm on BBC Three, aimed primarily at a young British audience.

Secrets of the party island'

McDermott delved into nightlife, private parties and beach clubs during her time on the island. The lavish spending and obscene amounts of money that some people get to spend during their holidays in Ibiza will not leave its audience indifferent on the day of the premiere. But it's not all about huge villas and luxurious yachts in Ibiza. And crime is the order of the day on the island of Ibiza, especially when the thief could make off with a succulent booty.

Every summer many tourists and seasonal residents who come to spend a few days relaxing in Ibiza bring their best jewellery (or some of their best) with them, walk with them, eat with them, and even sail the seas to Formentera with them. Knowing the patterns of these people and knowing how and where they move is one of the most important tasks for the organised gangs who, season after season, manage to steal jewellery of the highest value in Ibiza.

To show her British audience this other side of the island, Zara McDermott goes inside the special UDYCO unit, which is part of the National Police, to experience first-hand the police tracking of a gang of thieves.