A caravan for two people for the whole season in Ibiza is rented on a social network for 1,000 euros per month. It is one of the latest examples of how the situation is on the island in relation to housing.

Among the comments, one user claims that, in Ibiza, this type of renting is «illegal, but allowed». Another says: «Soon, instead of rooms, they will be renting boots».

In one advert, a person rents a space on a plot of land to place a caravan, a van or even a tent. The offer is mainly aimed at residents and seasonal workers, who can choose between a plot of land in Santa Eulària or one in Sant Carles. The price for this space is 350 euros and rises to 500 if you prefer with the right to water and electricity. «Places are limited», warns the message.

It is worth remembering that the island's town councils do not allow caravans to stay overnight. The Santa Eulària Town Council assured this newspaper that motorhomes, caravans and campervans «are just that, vehicles, as stated by the DGT itself since 2008, which points out that their function is not to live permanently in them, since their characteristics, from space to electrical systems, are not those of a dwelling».

In Sant Josep, for example, in 2023, several complaints were filed against caravans that spent the night unauthorised in areas of the municipality. At the same time, local police officers carried out more than 140 interventions at times when the risk of fires was higher than normal. Far from imposing penalties, the officers informed the occupants of the caravans that they could not stay in certain areas of Sant Josep close to forests and natural sites in the town.

But it is not only the caravans that are the stars of outrageous offers. Between 1 April and 20 May, in the Sant Antoni area you could find a flat for rent in which there are two rooms with two beds in each one. Far from renting the entire property, the interested party can only rent one of these beds for a total of 1,500 euros, plus a deposit of 300 euros. The price includes weekly cleaning of the rooms and utilities such as electricity and water.

Also in the last few days, some users have bought a caravan for 5,000 euros, which was advertised on social networks. According to the advert, it has no damp and the windows are in good condition. Everything suggests that the buyer bought it with the intention of residing in this space since the vehicle has no papers and can only be moved with a tow truck, according to the advert.

On a well-known platform, the rental of caravans in Ibiza is also the order of the day. Some owners rent theirs for 152 euros per night. In principle, it is located in the municipality of Sant Josep and «is really spacious, clean and smells good», according to them.

Another of these 'mobile homes' is offered for 120 euros per night for two people in total. With the caravan, tenants can enjoy «nice views of the sea and a garden».

In another advertisement, an old van with a sleeping area in the back is advertised as a 'mobile home'. The price: 94 euros a night.

Also a 'Van' in Ibiza located near the airport is described as «an accommodation with garden and terrace located in Sant Jordi» from 181,40 euros per night.