«On Ibiza Global Classics we will be able to listen to the songs that we have been dancing to for 20 years,» explains the station's director, Igor Marijuan. | Toni Planells

Ibiza Global Radio, the most international Ibizan radio station owned by Ibizan Antonio Planells, president of Grupo Prensa Pitiusa, to which the station belongs, is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year and is launching a new project on the airwaves as of this Wednesday, Ibiza Global Classics on 92.4 FM.

«On Ibiza Global Classics we will be able to listen to the songs that we have been dancing to for 20 years,» explains the station's director, Igor Marijuan, who defines the music that is already being programmed on the brand new station as "those songs that have become the summer songs of Ibiza over the last two or three decades.

«It's pure music history and the most danced hits in Ibiza's clubs: The Night of the jaguar, Streems of life...», underlines Marijuan while he focuses on the fact that «Ibiza has always been a sort of laboratory for music where tracks were launched to see if they worked before being played in the rest of the world. That's why Ibiza is also one of the forerunners and pioneers of electronic music in the world, and those tracks that became those 'Ibiza summer songs' are the ones that will be played on Ibiza Global Classics, that sound that has made Ibiza famous all over the world».

Local station

A classic station also in its format, «although it also has an online version, it is an FM radio station that we hope will have a strong local presence», explains Marijuán, who underlines the Ibizan spirit of the station: «We want it to be a station that belongs to the people of Ibiza, so that they can listen to the songs that have been part of us for 20 years».

«Ibiza Global Radio is the Ibiza music station of the present and of the future,» Marijuan explains to mark the difference with respect to the new station, "where the music of the past will be played.

The Ibizan station debuted this Wednesday as part of the IMS Ibiza 2024 with its own space featuring DJs from different generations, «from classics like Timo Maas or Steffano Goferini to the fresh blood of Share or Anstascia» representing the past, present and future of electronic music in Ibiza with «a marathon programme from 10am to 6pm». This Friday, Ibiza Global will also broadcast live at the closing of the IMS from Dalt Vila as official media.

«Electronic music doesn't always have to be synonymous with partying,» says the director of Ibiza Global Radio, who claims that «it is also culture and industry, as demonstrated at the IMS, where people come from all over the world to talk about music and industry, not partying».

The anniversary

Ibiza Global Radio was born in 2004 as a local station, «there was hardly any streaming when it started», points out its director, to become today «one of the most international stations in the world». Marijuan acknowledges that the volume of the station's local listeners compared to its global audience is "practically symbolic, we have millions of online listeners from all over the world. Some have come to Ibiza and have 'taken' the station as a souvenir to continue living Ibiza from their homes, and others who have never come but know what Ibiza is and aspire to come and connect with Ibiza Global Radio.

In addition to the new station, Ibiza Global Radio also debuts a new image on its 20th anniversary with a new logo that reflects «our evolution focused on a more sustainable Ibiza and more connected to the social reality».